Precision Four-Channel High Voltage Modular System

Model: HVS 04

High Voltage Supplies




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HVS 04 is a high precision 4-channel high voltage power supply with advanced and modern design. It consists of a system unit and up to four high voltage modules.

The system unit comprises the main power supply unit, the microprocessor unit controlling the device and input/output data communication and the system board with four free slots for inserting high voltage modules. There are also all indicators and control elements both for all channels and the entire device (4 VFD alphanumerical displays, 45 LED indicators, 1 filament lamp, 14 buttons, 1 latching switch, 8 rotation knobs). The housing of the system unit is made of a high-quality metallic case of the standard 19" dimension. It can be either fast mounted in 19" racks or operated in free table top position.

The high voltage modules are supplied in the series of 1 to 5 kV with output current between 1 and 5 mA. Each HV module is automatically detected and fully identified by the system unit. High voltage modules form voltage-stabilised HV output with preset current limitation and fully independent output voltage and current measurements. The HV output can be preset within the entire range (0 to Umax) (!!). The current limitation is indicated both temporally and permanently until reset. The output polarity can be switched inside the HV modules. The output polarity is indicated (ask manufacturer for polarity, insulation and grounding details).










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