FOTON, s. r. o. was established in 2000 with the mission to deliver high-tech products and professional services in the field of scientific instrumentation. We specialize in electronics, optoelectronics, micropositioning automation, and radiation detection; our activities however cover more broadly the field of photonics, plasma diagnostics, and instrumental engineering. We provide expertise to research institutions, universities, and industrial R&D centres helping our customers to concentrate on their specialised research tasks by dealing with their technological and instrumentation needs.

Our products include:

  • Precision high-voltage supply units
  • Advanced micropositioning control units
  • Special voltage and current supplies and generators
  • Vacuum controllers
  • Plasma diagnostics and customised scientific instrumentation
  • Automation centres to control multipart experiments
  • Industrial automation

We are able to deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers, starting from the system design to the delivery of the manufactured device or even the installation of a turnkey solution. We are able to accommodate both small and large volume orders.

Our products are used by researchers in many countries and we have participated in a number of major projects, (see the References section) most notably the design and construction of resident instrumentation and control systems for the European large-scale facility PALS (Prague Asterix Laser System). We have also been involved in the design and manufacture of the diagnostic equipment for laser-plasma & soft-X-ray experiments at PALS. Under another project, we also delivered customised electronic instrumentation to the magnetic fusion facilities at CIEMAT (Madrid) and CASTOR (Prague). Our customers include academic and university institutions as well as private, high-tech companies.

One of our key strengths is the ability to respond quickly to our customers’ specific needs. Our experience in complex projects and the scientific and research background of our staff means we are able to assess the customer’s needs effectively, even suggesting alternative solutions where appropriate. This allows us to assist you in formulating specific technical requirements and reduce the time required for the development of particular system.

These web pages present some detailed information about our products and provides a sense of our expertise and potential. We would encourage you to contact us to discuss your particular requirements and we hope that it will become a starting point for a future collaboration.

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