High Voltage Supplies


Special Systems



Low power high voltage (10W/5kV) DC and pulse supplies and generators.


Various custom laboratory systemand instrumentation.








Micropositioning Control Units


Vacuum Controllers



Control units for DC, stepper and EC motors and acuators.


Vacuum control units for special vacuum system.








Optical Generators and Photodetectors


Voltage and Current Supplies



Electronics and complete systems for photodetection and photogenerators Spectral range from IR to SXR.
Continuous to nanosecond applications.


Voltage and current supplies. DC-AC -waveform - programmable. Low current(5A), high current (300A) Low power(100W), middle power(1kW), peak power(40kW)










Control Technology for Machinery



Tailored mechanical system for non-standart optics; positioning


Electrical equipment for machinery, custom systems.








Plasma Diagnostics


Product Range Overview



Signal processing, generators and controllers for experiments. Wide range of application.


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