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Kontrolér krokových a DC motorů

Model: Multidrive 4

Mikropolohovací kontroléry




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Multidrive 4 is a universal system for controlling and driving DC or stepper motors as well as rotary or linear actuators. The device has a modular, modern design and is capable of controlling up to 4 motors or actuators.

Originally, the device was developed to control precision actuators at optical positioning systems used mainly by the academic and R&D sector. However, due to its versatility and the range of motors it can control, the device is also suitable for demanding industrial applications.

The device consists of the system unit and individual output modules.

The system allows simple and intuitive positioning. The movement to the target position follows a pre-programmed sequence of angular frequencies (acceleration, deceleration, fine steps). The movement can be blocked by 2 independent (end-limit) switches. Optionally, remote control over TCP/IP is available.