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Tříkanálový kontrolér DC motorů

Model: DCM 03

Mikropolohovací kontroléry




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DCM 03 is a precision controller for an independent control of up to three low-power DC motors or actuators. The typical application of the device is positioning of optical elements (mirrors, lenses, etc.). A custom-made modification of the controller called “Internal Optics Positioning Stage” is presented on the photo bellow. This product is used for positioning of the main optical system in the interaction chamber in PALS laboratory (Prague’s Asterix Laser System, CZ).

The DCM 03 controller allows both standard DC motor control (open-loop systems) and a feedback DC motor control (close-loop systems through encoder signals). The travel limit detection is implemented too. The position of each motor/actuator is indicated on a separated 8-digit red LED numerical display. The controller can be operated either locally or remotely via RS-232 serial line. A standard 3U-RACK is used as housing.

Functions: single step, jog, counter reset, speed control, local/remote regime.

Note: DCM 03 is a 3-channel modification of DCM 08. It allows sequential control of up to eight DC motors or actuators. All features, functions and parameters are identical with DCM 08.










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