Zpožďovací (časovací) jednotka digitálních pulsů CCC 32

CCC 32 is a 32-chan­nel digi­tal delay sys­tem. The devi­ce is built based on a modu­lar con­cept. The sys­tem unit can accom­mo­da­te up to 8 modu­les with 4 input chan­nels each. Sin­gle-TTL sig­nals, gal­va­ni­cally sepa­ra­ted, are defi­ned by the­ir delay and len­gth in relati­on to the start sig­nal. The devi­ce can be star­ted manu­ally, by an exter­nal sig­nal or by soft­ware con­t­rol. Acting as a web ser­ver, the devi­ce can be con­t­rolled over TCP/IP.

Delay ran­ge

0,0001 to 9,9999 s

Pul­se delay reso­lu­ti­on

0,0001 s

Pul­se wid­th ran­ge

0,0001 to 9,9999 s

Pul­se wid­th reso­lu­ti­on

0,0001 s

Out­put ampli­tu­de

5 V (TTL)

Iso­lati­on (chan­nel to chan­nel)

1 kV

Max out­put current

50 mA (100 mA ask for details)

Num­ber of modu­les

1 to 8

Num­ber of chan­nels per modu­le


Out­put con­nec­tors

BNC (sin­gle or double opti­on)


AC 230V, +10% / -15%, 50 / 60 Hz, 50 VA


19″ × 3U × 280 mm (483 × 133 × 280 mm)


10 kg


manu­al, SW, exter­nal

Ext tri­g­ger

+5V (rising edge)

Remo­te con­t­rol

TCP/IP, web ser­ver