Vysokonapěťový tester VPF1

The VPF1 is a high vol­tage power sup­ply for ion pumps.

Max out­put voltage

6000 V

Max out­put current

300 mA

Vol­tage resolution


Current reso­lu­ti­on

1 µA for 1÷1000 µA range
1 µA for 1÷1000 µA range


LCD, 2×16 character

Indi­ca­ted parameters

U, I, P, status(ON, OFFOVLD)

Con­t­rol elements

  • Main switch 230V with indicator
  • On/Off but­ton (tem­po­ra­ry acti­on, toggle function)
  • Aux but­ton

Max out­put voltage

6000 V

Input and output

  • Input power: EURO socket with inte­gra­ted fuse
  • High vol­tage out­put: BNC-safe
  • Alarms (ALM): D-sub, male, 9way
  • Com­mu­ni­cati­on (COM): D-sub, male, 9way

Remo­te monitoring

RS 495, isolated

Com­mu­ni­cati­on protocol

com­pa­ti­ble Pfe­i­f­fer Vacu­um Protocol

Remo­te direct control

  • ON/OFF input: 0V/+24V DC
  • ON/OFF out­put: 0/+5V DC
  • Over­current sig­nal: 0/+5V DC

Over­current indi­ca­tor levels

10 to 160 mA with 10 mA step
default value: 50 mA


AC 230V, 50/60 Hz


fuse 6,3A, 5×20 mm

Max long-term out­put power

400 W


19″ 5× 4U 5× 350 mm


13 kg