Vysokonapěťový pulzní zdroj HVGP 2001

HVGP 2001 is a small and por­table high vol­tage gene­ra­tor. It gene­ra­tes HV out­put pul­ses with regu­la­ted ampli­tu­de and tem­po­ral wid­th. The­re are two modes of ope­rati­on: sin­gle pul­se mode and repe­ti­ti­on mode. Auxi­li­ar TTL out­put yields pul­se-wid­th moni­to­ring. High vol­tage out­put is gal­va­nic insu­la­ted and leads into cen­t­res of two BNC sockets.

The sin­gle pul­se is tri­g­ge­red by the input pul­se. More­o­ver, the desi­red tem­po­ral wid­th of the pul­se can be selec­ted in 5 ms incre­ments. The devi­ce is moun­ted in a plas­tic housing.

Out­put ampli­tu­de

1 to 2 kV

Moni­tor out­put


Max current out­put

5 mA

Vari­a­ble pul­se wid­th

1 to 50 ms

Fix pul­se wid­th

5 ms

Max tri­g­ger input level

40 V

Tri­g­ger input thre­shold

7 V

HV out­put con­nec­tors


Tri­g­ger input con­nec­tor

BNC receptacle

Moni­tor out­put con­nec­tor

BNC receptacle


230 VAC, 50/60 Hz


250 × 75 × 200 mm


2 kg