Testovací jednotka pro photoncounting PHDX.2005

The PHDX.2005 unit con­sists of an input slit, a beam split­ter (50/50) and two PMTs.

PHDX.2005 and PHDY.2005 are devi­ces pri­ma­ri­ly designed for pho­ton­coun­ting expe­ri­ments. They show the quan­tum beha­vi­our of pho­tons. They clear­ly demon­stra­te the influ­en­ce of vari­ous para­me­ters on pho­ton coun­ting sta­tis­tics (input ampli­fi­cati­on, dark current, tre­shold setup, PMT sensi­ti­vi­ty and PMT con­t­rol vol­tage, input flux, etc.). These devi­ces are sui­table for tes­ting of para­me­ters of PMTs (pho­ton mul­tiplier tubes).
See also PHDY2005


Spectral ran­ge

300 to 700 nm (depends on PMTs)

Pri­ma­ry PMTs

H5783P (Hama­mat­su)

Sensi­ti­vi­ty con­t­rol vol­tage

0.25 to 0.9 V

DC power

12 V

Out­put line

RG 178

Out­put sig­nal con­nec­tors


Out­put power & con­t­rol line con­nec­tors



1 kg