Systém galvanicky odděleného měření proudů ICPM 08

ICPM 08 is a modu­lar sys­tem con­sis­ting of up to 8 modu­les for insu­la­ted current pro­be mea­su­re­ment. The sys­tem was ori­gi­nally designed for a pro­be mea­su­re­ment in fusi­on research, but it can be used in many other appli­cati­ons whe­re gal­va­ni­cally insu­la­ted small current mea­su­re­ment with high tem­po­ral reso­lu­ti­on is requi­red. The out­put sig­nal has a form of vol­tage pro­por­ti­o­nal to the mea­su­red elect­ric current. A spe­cial sys­tem of inter­nal add­res­sing allows to group seve­ral inputs from vari­ous modu­les, which mini­mi­zes the amount of requi­red exter­nal cab­ling as well as any dif­ficul­ties with groun­ding loops. The input current ran­ges can be set either manu­ally or remo­te­ly. The devi­ce is moun­ted in a stan­dard 19″ rack cabi­net.

Input con­nec­tors (per modu­le)

2× insu­la­ted BNC, 50 Ω

Out­put con­nec­tor (per modu­le)

1× insu­la­ted BNC, 50 Ω

Input current ran­ges

-0.2 to 1 mA
-1 to 5 mA
-5 to 25 mA
-20 to 100 mA

Out­put sig­nal sensi­ti­vi­ty

0.1 V/mA to 10 V/mA accor­ding to the ran­ge

Inter­nal add­res­sing indi­ca­tor

8× LEDs


100 kHz


230 VAC, 50/60 Hz


19″ × 3U × 280 mm


5 kg