Řídící jednotka vakuového systému VCU 2000

VCU 2000 was deve­lo­ped to con­t­rol a com­plex vacu­um sys­tem con­sis­ting of tan­dem vacu­um cham­bers installed at PALS labo­ra­to­ry (Pra­gue Aste­ris Laser Sys­tem, Aca­de­my of Sciences, CZ). The sys­tem allows to con­t­rol and moni­tor the sta­tus of all vacu­um pumps (1× cen­t­ral rota­ry pump, 2× tur­bo pump, 2× tur­bo bac­king pump) and of all val­ves and gau­ges. It checks the limit detec­tors installed in val­ves, vacu­um gau­ges and pro­xi­mi­ty swit­ches (detecti­on of clo­sed vacu­um cham­ber door). The appa­ra­tus ope­ra­tes either in sim­ple manu­al mode or in auto­ma­ted pre-pro­gra­m­med sequen­ces. Both in manu­al and in auto­ma­tic mode, VCU 2000 checks the sta­tus of all inputs to pre­vent any hazar­dous situati­ons. All inputs and out­puts are opto-insu­la­ted. The devi­ce can be moun­ted in a stan­dard 19″ metal rack.

Num­ber of con­t­rol ele­ments

30 swit­ches

Num­ber of LED indi­ca­tors



Two-row 16 cha­rac­ter VFD dis­play (2×)

Num­ber of AC 230 V out­puts


Num­ber of DC 24 V out­puts


Num­ber of inputs



19″ × 3U × 350 mm


10 kg