Řídící jednotka vakuového systému LS-08–3

LS-08–3 is devi­ce designed and manu­factu­red to con­t­rol a vacu­um sys­tem in high-power laser labo­ra­to­ry. The vacu­um sys­tem is com­posed of 3 parts and each part has pri­ma­ry pump, some val­ves, gau­ges and tur­bo pumps. Our con­t­roller is used to con­t­rol and moni­tor all of the system´s com­po­nents. One of it´s pre­fe­ren­ces is possi­bi­li­ty of cho­i­se between manu­al and auto­ma­ti­cal mode. In the auto­ma­ti­cal mode the devi­ce is able to accom­plish and coor­di­na­te a serie of ste­ps and pre­pa­re any sys­tem for following expe­ri­ments. The LS-08–3 also checks sta­tuses of all of the gau­ges and val­ves and dis­pla­ys them on the touch scre­en. The sys­tem has inter­acti­ve and intu­i­ti­ve operator´s inter­fa­ce sui­table for any vacu­um sys­tem.

Num­ber of con­t­rol ele­ments

40 swit­ches


10inch TFT LCD tou­chscre­en

Num­ber of AC 230 V out­puts


Num­ber of DC 24 V out­puts


Num­ber of inputs



19″ × 6U × 380 mm


10 kg