Programovatelný proudový generátor PZ100

PZ 100 con­sists of a gene­ra­tor that forms a refe­ren­ce vol­tage sig­nal that con­t­rols a time depen­den­ce of the requi­red current sig­nal and an out­put power unit. The gene­ra­tor is pro­gra­m­med by a remo­te PC. The power unit gene­ra­tes the requi­red current sig­nal. The exter­nal capa­ci­tor bank powers the PZ100 sys­tem.

Maxi­mum current

100 A

Maxi­mum vol­tage


Len­gth of out­put vol­tage pul­se

50(100) ms


TTL (pre-tri­g­ger)

Tri­ger-to-out­put delay

10 ms

Sam­pling DAC

20kHz, 12 bits(data 0–4095), 1024 sam­ples

Data for­mat

XY table, file in ascii expres­sed by num­bers

Sensi­ti­vi­ty of sig­nal moni­to­ring out­put vol­tage


Sensi­ti­vi­ty of sig­nal moni­to­ring out­put current

1V/10 A


10/100 Mbit, transmis­si­on throu­gh vir­tu­al port (like serial)
gal­va­ni­cally sepa­ra­ted

Capa­ci­tor bank

1F / 400V/p>