Precizní náboj integrující proudový zdroj GALVA 2001

The “GALVA 2001” sys­tem is high pre­ci­si­on DC current power sup­ply pri­ma­ri­ly designed for scien­ti­fic and industrial appli­cati­ons (electro­gal­va­nic tre­at­ment and for­ming, electro­nic test equip­p­ment etc.). This instru­ment has modu­lar structu­re an can be tai­lo­red to cus­tom-spe­ci­fic requi­re­ments. It con­sists of three inde­pen­dent parts: sys­tem unit, motor unit and ther­mostat unit.

The sys­tem unit yields current out­put 0 to 6 A DC with 2 mA reso­lu­ti­on and accu­ra­cy bet­ter than 0.5 %. The current out­put is vol­tage limi­ted. Both current and vol­tage is mea­su­red and dis­pla­yed inde­pen­dent­ly with respect ro feedback sys­tem. The core of the sys­tem con­sists of a vol­tage con­t­rolled swit­ching vol­tage power sup­ply, chop­per-sta­bi­li­zed cir­cu­its for out­put current mea­su­re­ment, vol­tage to frequen­cy con­ver­tor and 12-digit BCD coun­ter. High effi­ci­ency of the devi­ce is rea­ched by a spe­cial swit­ching power sup­ply. Flowing elect­ri­cal char­ge is mea­su­red by means of coun­ting of elect­ri­cal pul­ses with frequen­cy pro­por­ti­o­nal to out­put current. It yields high pre­ci­si­on and reso­lu­ti­on in elect­ri­cal char­ge mea­su­re­ment.

All the instru­ment works either locally or under remo­te con­t­rol (RS-232 serial line). Both locally and remo­te­ly the instru­ment is pro­gra­m­ma­ble. The­re are up to 7 pro­gra­m­ma­ble tech­no­lo­gi­cal pro­ces­ses each of all can con­sist of up to 10 secti­ons with defi­ned para­me­ters (out­put current, limi­ting vol­tage, final char­ge and ther­mostat tem­pe­ra­tu­re). When the final elect­ri­cal char­ge is rea­ched, the secti­on is over and a new secti­on starts until the end of pro­cess.

The motor unit dri­ves DC motor (vol­tage feedback sys­tem). This unit is pri­ma­ri­ly inten­ded for rota­ting electro­des. It works with two spe­eds which alter­na­te (to pre­vent bub­ling on the sur­fa­ce of electro­de). Fast spe­ed is indi­ca­ted and can be set manu­ally whi­le tou­ching a pro­per but­ton.

The ther­mostat unit con­t­rols the tem­pe­ra­tu­re of gal­va­nic bath by means of hea­ting of ohmic load. Its capa­bi­li­ty is 5 V/12 ADC, soft start. The powering of the ther­mostat unit is com­ple­te­ly sepa­ra­ted. It allows to long time con­ti­nu­ous ther­mosta­ting without need to ope­ra­te all the instru­ment. In case of elect­ri­ci­ty dis­tri­bu­ti­on fault, the current ther­mostat setting is sto­red. After reco­ve­ry of elect­ri­ci­ty the ther­mostat works immen­di­a­te­ly which mini­mi­ze the tem­pe­ra­tu­re chan­ges in bath. The hea­ting is indi­ca­ted by LED.

All the sys­tem is equip­ped by advan­ced inter­nal ther­mo-manage­ment. All con­t­rol ele­ments (key­bo­ard, dis­pla­ys, swit­ches, but­tons and leds) are loca­ted on front panel, all inputs and out­puts are on the rear panel. The sys­tem infor­mati­on is dis­pla­yed on 4-row blue alpha­nu­me­ri­cal VFD dis­play, the ther­mostat infor­mati­on is on illu­mi­na­ted LCD dis­play. Well-qua­li­ty metal stan­dard rack enclo­a­su­re is used as a housing.

Out­put current

0 to 6 A

Reso­lu­ti­on in out­put current

2 mA

Accu­ra­cy in out­put current

0.2 %

Current On indi­ca­tor tre­shold

8 mA

Vol­tage limit

0.6 to 3.5 V

Reso­lu­ti­on in vol­tage

2 mV

Accu­ra­cy in vol­tage

0.2 %

Final elect­ri­cal char­ge

1 mC to 9999999 C

Reso­lu­ti­on in elect­ri­cal char­ge

1 mC (resp. 1 C)

Accu­ra­cy in elect­ri­cal char­ge

0.2 %

Motor powering

0 to 12 VDC

Motor feedback

vol­tage from tacho­ge­ne­ra­tor

Slow spe­ed peri­od

5 to 50 s

Fast spe­ed peri­od

0.1 to 1.5 s

Ther­mostat ran­ge

1 to 69 °C

Reso­lu­ti­on in tem­pe­ra­tu­re mea­su­re­ment

0.1 °C

Reso­lu­ti­on in ther­mostat level

1 °C

Ther­mal con­t­rol

ON/OFF, hea­ting only

Ther­mostat out­put

5 V/10 A


RS-232 (TxD, RxD, GND)

Baud rate

9600 Bd

Com­mu­ni­cati­on details

8 bit, 1 stop bit, no pari­ty


230 VAC, 50/60 Hz


19″ × 3U × 250 mm (483 × 132 × 250 mm)


8 kg