Ovládací jednotka k hallovým sondám HPD 4.1

HPD 4.1 is a modu­lar sys­tem for mea­su­re­ment of mag­ne­tic field by means of Hall pro­bes with high tem­po­ral reso­lu­ti­on. It con­sists of a sys­tem unit (enc­lo­su­re, power sup­ply), 1 to 4 Hall pro­be modu­les, 1 tem­pe­ra­tu­re modu­le and 1 com­mu­ni­cati­on modu­le. The sys­tem is moun­ted in a stan­dard 19 inch rack. This dri­ver is pri­ma­ri­ly designed for mag­ne­tic field mea­su­re­ment in fusi­on research (toka­maks, stella­ra­tors), but its appli­cati­on is much broa­der (indust­ry, R&D).

Hall pro­be modu­le 2301
The Hall pro­be modu­le was designed to sup­ply one Hall pro­be with DC current up to 200 mA and to mea­su­re input sig­nal from the pro­be. The input cir­cu­its invol­ve pre­ci­si­on input gain ampli­fier with the gain 1 to 10000, high-pass 10 Hz fil­ter and a pro­gra­m­ma­ble low-pass fil­ter with 4 cut-out frequen­cies (1 to 350 kHz). The out­put sig­nal is balan­ced manu­ally, unba­lan­ced sig­nal is indi­ca­ted by two LEDs. The out­put sig­nal is an ana­lo­gue vol­tage sig­nal pro­por­ti­o­nal to mag­ne­tic field, which is correc­ted by frequen­cy fil­ters. The input sig­nal con­nec­tor (mixed D-sub) incor­po­ra­tes the sig­nal from PT100 tem­pe­ra­tu­re sen­sor. It is use­ful for simul­ta­ne­ous mea­su­re­ment of the tem­pe­ra­tu­re near the mag­ne­tic sen­sor. All para­me­ters can be set either manu­ally or remo­te­ly via a com­mu­ni­cati­on modu­le.

Tem­pe­ra­tu­re modu­le 2302
The tem­pe­ra­tu­re modu­le ena­bles to per­form tem­pe­ra­tu­re mea­su­re­ments by means of PT100 sen­sor. The calib­ra­ted ran­ge is 0 to 100 °C (see tech­ni­cal data). The input can be either direct (via insu­la­ted BNC loca­ted on the tem­pe­ra­tu­re modu­le) or via mixed D-sub input con­nec­tors loca­ted on HPD modu­les. Each of the Hall pro­be modu­les can be used for tem­pe­ra­tu­re mea­su­re­ments. The out­put sig­nal is 10 mV/°C and 0 V for 0 °C.

Com­mu­ni­cati­on modu­le 2303
This modu­le is avai­la­ble in mul­tiple ver­si­ons depen­ding on the form of com­mu­ni­cati­on pro­to­col used between the mas­ter com­pu­ter and HPD 4.1. Ple­a­se, ask the manu­factu­rer for details.

Power sup­ply modu­le 2205
This modu­le pro­vi­des power sup­ply to the enti­re sys­tem. Power sta­tus is indi­ca­ted by an illu­mi­na­ted gre­en push-pull switch.

Hall pro­be modu­le 2301

Input ampli­fier gain

1×, 10×, 100×, 1000×

Total gain

10×, 100×, 1000×, 10000×

Input vol­tage

0 to ±0.5 V

Max out­put vol­tage

±0.5 V

High-pass fil­ter

10 Hz

Low-pass fil­ter

1 kHz, 10 kHz, 100 kHz, 350 kHz

Order of acti­ve low-pass fil­ter


Out­put current

0 to 200 mA

Out­put current sta­bi­li­ty
(for ΔR = 50 W)


Setting accu­ra­cy
(real value vs value on the poten­ti­o­me­ter sca­le)


Stan­dard accu­ra­cy
(main accu­ra­cy)


Addi­ti­o­nal accu­ra­cy
(caused by tem­po­ral chan­ges)

0.01 %/°C for total gain 10
0.01 %/°C for total gain 100
0.02 %/°C for total gain 1000
0.03 %/°C for total gain 10000

Setting time
(recom­men­ded time after power-on befo­re exact mea­su­re­ment)

10 min

Tem­pe­ra­tu­re modu­le 2302

Tem­pe­ra­tu­re pro­be


Tem­pe­ra­tu­re ran­ge

-200 to +200 °C

Calib­ra­ted ran­ge

0 to 100 °C

Out­put vol­tage

10 mV/°C and 0 V for 0 °C

Stan­dard accu­ra­cy
(for 0 to 100 °C)

±0.3% ±1 digit

Addi­ti­o­nal accu­ra­cy

0.02 %/K

Com­mu­ni­cati­on modu­le 2303

Ple­a­se, ask the manu­factu­rer for details.

Power sup­ply modu­le 2205


230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 VA

Dim­mensi­ons (sys­tem unit)

19” × 3U × 280 mm

Wei­ght (sys­tem unit)

8 kg