Kontrolér krokových a DC motorů Multidrive 4

Mul­ti­dri­ve 4 is a uni­ver­sal sys­tem for con­t­rol­ling and dri­ving DC or step­per motors as well as rota­ry or linear actua­tors. The devi­ce has a modu­lar, modern design and is capa­ble of con­t­rol­ling up to 4 motors or actua­tors.

Ori­gi­nally, the devi­ce was deve­lo­ped to con­t­rol pre­ci­si­on actua­tors at opti­cal posi­ti­o­ning sys­tems used main­ly by the aca­de­mic and R&D sec­tor. However, due to its ver­sa­ti­li­ty and the ran­ge of motors it can con­t­rol, the devi­ce is also sui­table for deman­ding industrial appli­cati­ons.

The devi­ce con­sists of the sys­tem unit and indi­vi­du­al out­put modu­les.

The sys­tem allows sim­ple and intu­i­ti­ve posi­ti­o­ning. The move­ment to the tar­get posi­ti­on follows a pre-pro­gra­m­med sequen­ce of angu­lar frequen­cies (acce­le­rati­on, dece­le­rati­on, fine ste­ps). The move­ment can be blocked by 2 inde­pen­dent (end-limit) swit­ches. Opti­o­nally, remo­te con­t­rol over TCP/IP is avai­la­ble.


AC 230V, +10% / -15%, 50 / 60 Hz, 100 VA


19″ × 3U × 250 mm (483 × 132 × 250 mm)


10 kg

Num­ber of modu­les

1 to 4

Max out­put current


Feedback loop

No / 2-pha­se enco­der

Limit sta­tus check


Remo­te con­t­rol

yes (opti­o­nally)

Local con­t­rol

5 functi­on keys, LCD 2-row dis­play

Motor com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty

2-pha­se bipo­lar (step­per) or DC

Spe­ed pro­fi­le

tra­pe­zi­o­dal, 5-para­me­ters

Current con­t­rol


Local regi­mes

1. MAN (touch-to-step­ping, 4 spe­eds)
2. SET (para­me­ters setting)
3. RUN abs (go to abso­lu­te posi­ti­on)
4. RUN rel (go to rela­ti­ve posi­ti­on)