Dvoukanálový vysokonapěťový zdroj HVG 2000

HVG 2000 is a two-chan­nel high vol­tage power sup­ply. Althou­gh pri­ma­ri­ly designed for MCP detec­tors, its appli­cati­on is much broa­der in the field of low out­put current powering. This devi­ce ope­ra­tes in two regi­mes: the SLOW regi­me allows to gene­ra­te long time ramp up (or ramp down) of out­put high vol­tage; the PULSE regi­me gene­ra­tes sin­gle high vol­tage out­put pul­se. Each chan­nel of HVG 2000 is con­t­rolled by a 6-key board. The data are dis­pla­yed on a 2×16 cha­rac­ter VFD dis­play. A stan­dard 2U-RACK is used as a housing.

Out­put vol­tage

0 to -2000 V (chan­nel A)
0 to +5000 V (chan­nel B)

Out­put con­nec­tors


Max ramp up time

9999 s (SLOW regi­me)

Max ramp down time

9999 s (SLOW regi­me)

Len­gth of HV pul­se

1 to 255 ms (PULSE regi­me)

Reso­lu­ti­on in pul­se len­gth

1 ms (PULSE regi­me)

Delay from tri­g­ger sig­nal

1 to 255 ms (PULSE regi­me)

Reso­lu­ti­on in delay from tri­g­ger sig­nal

1 ms (PULSE regi­me)



Tri­g­ger level

0 to 40 V

Reso­lu­ti­on in tri­g­ger level

1 V


230 VAC


19″ × 2U × 250 mm (483 × 88.1 × 250 mm)


5 kg